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Our blog updates will keep you informed of our latest Product additions. Our Eyewear collection is sourced quarterly at International Optical Trade Shows.

It is our mission to provide excellence in personalised eye care, to provide quality eye wear and to provide services with a difference.



This retro-inspired frame merges a round and diamond eye shape. This style adds bold retro attitude featuring a triple band detailed end piece with a .925 sterling silver or 18k Gold plated CH Tiny E motif wraps around the beta-titanium temple for a sleek finish.


A re-imaging of the classic aviator sunglass featuring an integrated side shield, unique titanium bridge/top bar, and rimless construction. this frame is comprised of a six-year base nylon lens that is fastened to a fine metal frame customer screw. The addition of a combination temple with luxurious wood inserts and end tips further embellished with two .925 Sterling silver or 18K plated CH Plus caps infuse even more lavishness to this model.

Blade Hummer III.JPG

This men’s sun frame features a titanium rim wire, as well as a custom formed top bar and bridge bar. The titanium bridge and end pieces are detailed with a knurling pattern. The .925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated or black Rhodium CH Dagger hinge box features a custom engineered dual piston spring hinge, specifically designed to handle the heavy duty temple materials pioneered by Chrome Hearts, Damascus steel and G10 the midsection of the temple is outfitted with Damascus and decorated with a .925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated or black rhodium CH Plus motif before transitioning to the temple tip. The G10 end tip is contour cut to maximise fit and includes a knurled design detail on the exterior of the temple. The temple tips are decorated with .925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated or black rhodium plated CH Plus motifs.

Verticle Smile II.JPG

This Clubmaster style features a custom titanium rim wire base with a custom machined bridge. Brow pieces are fastened to the titanium chassis using high tolerance machined screws for added strength. The sterling silver or 18k gold plated Chrome Hearts logo bands are inlaid into both top surfaces of the brow pieces. The titanium end piece hinge component is precision milled into the frame for seamless integration. Chrome Hearts Eternity Vine detail wraps around the front surface to the midsection of the frame and transition to an acetate end tip.


This optical frame is fashioned from 4mm aircraft grade titanium sheet stock. Fine details such as knurled diamond pattern on the rim, Bridge and End piece complement this model for a unique and bold look. The exterior of the temples features a .925 sterling silver and 18k gold plated “CH PLUS CH” plaque. The temples are offered in either our cross laminated wood or handmade Japanese/Italian acetate temples.

Nasty Freeze.JPG

This optical frame from 4mm aircraft grade titanium sheet stock and features a hinge component that is precision milled into the frame for seamless integration. Fine details such as a knurled diamond pattern on the bridge and end piece complement this model for a unique and bold look. The exterior of the temples features .925 sterling silver of 18k gold plated CH Dagger. The temples are offered in either our cross laminated wood or handmade Japanese/Italian acetate temples.

DITA EYEWEAR New Release NOV 2018



With the detail of a titanium brow bar, titanium temples with acetate lens rim, Custom titanium nose pads and Dita's unique hex screw hinges. Using the best material to ensure the frame is light in weight. This frame is also available in Asian Fit.



The thick look embraces the masculinity of this frame, accustomed with wire core and intricate pressed detail combined with acetate temple tips with laser lined pattern, acetate cut outs to expose metal details on frame front fitted with Dita's unique hex screw hinges.

This frame also available in Asian Fit.


The new Mach series features a forked hinge mechanism, screw mounted lenses, titanium lens rim, custom titanium nosepads, acetate temple tips with laser lined pattern

fitted with Dita's unique hex screw hinges with the detailing of a dual brow bar to allow for different finishes. Comes with 100% UVA & UVB lens with anti-reflective coating.


A Thin dual-frame crafted with lightweight titanium constructed to hold the lens without any screws. The frame and lens are held with tension design and

accustomed with titanium nosepads. Pact with 100% UVA & UVB lens with a anti-reflective coating.


THOM BROWNE SS18 Silmo 2018 New Releases

Thom Browne is a brand that is internationally recognized for their twist of sophistication to modern society, designing unique products that conform the brands image.

Brown has also expanded to designing optical’s and has got Dita a well known glasses only brand to make glasses for them. All Thom Browne glasses are all handmade in japan.



A frame with a peculiar design and light weight in composition, handmade in Japan by Dita (Glasses only company), adds class and sophistication to all that wears it.

A Titanium Frame with Engineered Cable Brow Bar, Skeleton Nose-pad Construction & Signature Tri-Colored Temple Tip.



Made to the comfort of every face shape this custom acetate frame front and temples with laser-etched four-bar detail on left temple and a custom Tri-Colored signature temple tips precision comes with machined custom hinges. This thick frame design presents masculinity and sophistication in modern society.



This unique shield lens construction made with full titanium frame front and temples, custom titanium nose pads with signature four-stripe detail with

Signature tri-colored temple tip shows a new range on futurism.



Issey Miyake is a Japanese Fashion designer. He is known for this technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions and fragrances. He has teamed up with prominent Japanese eyewear manufacturer KANEKO OPTICAL and agreed to work on this new ISSEY MIYAKE EYES PROJECT. This eyewear series design points are: being basic, paying attention to detail for their quality and dignity, and being loved for years to come.

At Ocular Boutique we are proud to bring this unique Eyewear series to Sydney. Currently we are the only eyewear boutique to offer this range in Sydney.

We have just received a shipment of the complete new SS18 releases of Optical and Sunglasses (Just in time for summer). Stock is very limited, so be quick if you want a piece for yourself.

Issey Miyake Eyes series is available at both Burwood & Chatswood locations. Alternatively you can follow this link to view the current range on our website.

DATED: August 2018

H-FUSION SS18 Shipment

We have just received the SS18 release for H Fusion Eyewear. Handmade and direct from Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, Japan - stock is very limited. We invite you to come in a visit either our Burwood or Chatswood branch. Alternatively you can click on the following link to view each individual model

DATED: July 2018



Chrome Hearts is a brand of high end silver jewelry. It was Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles by Richard Start and friend John Bowman. The brand itself also produces gold, diamond accessories, leather, clothing, furniture.
Chrome Hearts is appreciated by those who can recognize and appreciate the exquisite details incorporated in each unique piece

The Chrome Hearts Eyewear collection is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative collections in fashion eyewear ever released. It could take upto 24 months to produce one eyewear piece, No detail or cost was spared in the development of the collection. The acutely detailed tooling required to produce each piece, in addition to the use of luxurious and rare materials, makes the Chrome Hearts collection one of the most expensive eyewear collections ever produced.

Every piece is adorned with Chrome Hearts’ iconic decoration, including temples that incorporate a solid silver fleur-de-lys, intricately carved silver daggers, chunky silver tips, white ebony trim, 18-karat-gold-plated bridges, and multi-layered multi-hued acetate. The frames are handmade with expertise craftsmanship in Japan and the detailing is produced in Los Angeles.

OCULAR BOUTIQUE is one of 12 eyewear boutique retailers Australia & New Zealand wide combined to offer this unique eyewear brand. 

Chrome Hearts Eyewear is only available at our Chatswood Branch.

DATED: May 2018